Jan 11

RBG 108 The Last Show

Sadly, I recorded my last Run Barefoot Girl show, just a quickie thanking everyone and talking briefly about what I’ve learned and why this show must come to an end.

Please visit me at www.Caity McCardell.com where I’ve started a radio-based show featuring authors, musicians and actors.

You’ll hear details in this episode about the road I’m on at this point and gratitude for you listeners!

Perhaps an ultra podcast will be created in the future. Until then…

Thank you all!

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Caity Princess


Dec 12

RBG 107 Ultra Runner and Author Anna Hughes


This week I spoke with ultra runner and ebook author, Anna Hughes.

Anna and I discussed her book, From Runner To Ultra Runner In Three Months, her success coaching people to run ultras (in such a short training cycle!), keeping a tough mental attitude, food, and her passion for running.

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Dec 09

Vanessa and Nathaniel


This one’s a true goodie.

Ultra runner and author Vanessa Runs and her partner, Shacky, have been touring across the US and Canada in their RV with their dog and cat, but once in a while they stop at someone’s home to visit.

They’re currently spending an extended period of time at homesteader, martial arts and yoga instructor, and barefooter (well bare most things) Nathaniel Wolfe’s home in Pennsylvania for the last two weeks. They’ve been posting photos and stories about life at the Wolfstead, and boy was I interested in getting some audio about their visit!

Vanessa’s photo essay documents the first stages of their stay at the Wolfstead.

This episode is about their visit but it also gives a glimpse into their separate lives and the future. I am deeply touched by their insights and perspectives.

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If you’re interested in hearing Vanessa and Nathaniel’s previous interviews on RBG, here they are:
- RBG #3 – an interview with Vanessa!
- RBG #65 – Nathaniel Wolfe joined me on the show!
- A video of Vanessa, Patrick Sweeney and Shacky
- I interviewed Vanessa’s dog, Ginger!

Nathaniel and Shacky (Vanessa's boyfriend) share a laugh on their first day together at the Wolfstead. (links to Nathaniel's website.)

Nathaniel and Shacky (Vanessa’s boyfriend) share a laugh on their first day together at the Wolfstead. (links to Nathaniel’s website.)

Vanessa shares a snuggle with Nathaniel's duckling, Chuck.

Vanessa shares a snuggle with Nathaniel’s duckling, Chuck. (links to Vanessa’s website.)


Dec 06

RBG105 Alcohol and Running

Run Barefoot Girl podcast – Caity’s running podcast – is focused today on alcohol and other drugs.

I talk about my personal experience with drugs, my current relationship with alcohol, some evidence that beer is beneficial to running, thoughts about alcoholism, and inconclusive meanderings.

So this episode isn’t complete without your feedback, thoughts and perspectives! Join the conversation on the Run Barefoot Girl Facebook page

or comment below!

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This episode is dedicated to my brother-in-law, Andrei.

Andrei and me (with Stefan in the background, far left) at my wedding to Stefan in October 2000.

Andrei and me (with Stefan in the background, far left) at my wedding to Stefan in October 2000.


Dec 03

RBG Now On Stitcher

I finally got with the program!

Run Barefoot Girl can now be found on Stitcher. Yay!

Please use the handy icons below to share this on your favorite social media community!


Dec 02

RBG 104 Larry Gassan Ultra Runner and Photographer

Ultra runner and photographer Larry Gassan

Ultra runner and photographer Larry Gassan

Today I speak with ultra runner and photographer Larry Gassan about ultra races in the 80′s, the infamous race Born To Run, orthotics, pool running, his advice on staying injury free, hydration, his ultra race coaching style, and more about the world of ultra running. What was it like for him to be a race director? He has stories for you!

You’ll find his book, 100 Mile Runners on Blurb.com. Another of his books, LA:2012 is also on Blurb.com.

Larry’s photography page on Facebook will also give you great samples of his photography. Also, check out the Angela’s Crest 100 Mile RaceBook.

Larry Gassan has been running ultras for over 20 years. Hear about how they’ve changed and the lessons he’s learned.

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Larry Gassan's book 100 Mile Runners

Larry Gassan’s book 100 Mile Runners


Nov 27

RBG Email List

Hi, guys!

I’m reinvigorating the Run Barefoot Girl podcast newsletter, so here’s an opportunity to sign up. I’ll be sending an occasional email with news, events and fun stuff about running. I hope you join me!

Thank you so much! See you on the run!



Nov 26

RBG 103: Ray Charbonneau’s The 27th Mile

A reminder of the 2014 Boston Marathon:

The 27th Mile, edited by Ray Charbonneau

The 27th Mile, edited by Ray Charbonneau

On April 15, 2013, marathon runner Ray Charbonneau began the Boston Marathon without a number bib. No stranger to this race, Ray was guiding a blind marathoner, each of them holding the ends of a fabric tie.

As they made their way through the crowds and fought for a 4-hour marathon time, they had no idea how this race would change their lives. Listen to Ray’s story of that fateful day, and find out how he is raising money to help the victims of the 2014 Boston Marathon bombing victims with his book, The 27th Mile: Going The Extra Mile to Support the Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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RBG 103 Ray Charbonneau sm


Nov 14

Passing Around The Donation Box

Hi, all!

Just a quick note to say I’ve added a donation option and an Amazon.com link on the right column. See them? Right there… on the right. You can’t miss ‘em! :)

If you have oodles of money and want to give me some of it, there’s a donation button – see it on the right there? PayPal says I have to explain what all the money is going to be spent on if I bring in more than $10,000. Fun!

If you shop on Amazon.com anyway, here’s your chance to support the show!

What do you get for donating or shopping?

I’ll talk about you on the next Run Barefoot Girl episode. I’ll tell the world how great you are! Unless you don’t want me to, and then I’ll just call you “anonymous” and you’ll be this very mysterious person. You can wear a large coat and a brimmed hat.

Otherwise, I’ll shout your name to the world!




Nov 14

John Bingham’s Courage To Start

What a fun episode of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast!

I’m an Underacheeser and proud of it.

Three things on this show:

- The sweet barefoot running conversation segment of my interview with Dr. Daniel Lieberman.

- A reading of chapters 5 and 6 of John Bingham’s book The Courage To Start: A Guide To Running for Your Life.

- UNDERACHEESER! A super random share of a mention of Caity (“Cathy”) on the super funny podcast Cashing In With TJ Miller.

- Find Episode #102 on iTunes or RSS Feed
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- or listen to it here:

Enjoy! Don’t forget to email me with questions/comments/feedback!

Caity McCardell Show


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