Feb 27

RBG 35 – Barefoot Running Events 2012

There are plenty of barefoot running events in 2012 and this podcast episode addresses them! Also, Caity interviews Preston Curtis, founder of the New England Barefoot Runners Meetup Group and the organizer of this year’s Boston Barefoot Running Festival which will be held April 14-15. Be there or regret it, barefoot runners!

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Links in this podcast:

- Tracy Longacre

- How I Got My Wiggle Back: A Memoir of Healing

- Boston Barefoot Running Festival

- New England Barefoot Runners Meetup Group

- The Naked Foot 5k

- Jason Robillard’s clinic schedule

- Ken Bob’s calendar

- Barefoot Running UK

- Daniel Howell

- Irene Davis

- Michael Sandler

- James Stoxen

- Theresa Withee

- MovNat


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