Jun 06

RBG 50 Wendy Nail’s Great Wall Race Report

Well, this is a different kind of Run Barefoot Girl podcast altogether!

First, I quote a piece from Taproot Magazine, a lovely excerpt that had me thinking of my grandmother, who was never barefoot but always outside in the garden.

Then I have a conversation with barefoot marathoner Wendy Nail, who ran a recent marathon in China: The Great Wall Marathon. Fascinating report! It’s all about the 90 degree weather, Chinese port-a-potties, running/walking in crowds, what she carries with her on a marathon, and her overall natural high about completing this Bucket List event.

Lastly, I throw up a big personal rant in response to Flint Bourdeau’s recent post entitled “Hey, Fat Girl!” My rant is so epic, and I even leave in all the “ums” which might drive you insane if you even find yourself working your way through it. If you reach the end, know that you are a great candidate to be a therapist – if you can handle this, you can handle listening to anything!

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  1. Crista

    I really loved this podcast for a few different reasons. First, the Great Wall of China Marathon has always been on my bucket list so it was amazing to hear Wendy’s story! I have a marathon coming up in Headlands that is very hilly so I think I’ll spend some time on the stairmaster 😉 ALSO, I want to say you did an amazing job at discussing Flint’s post. I was moved to tears by it and really was blown away by the feedback he got in the comments. I was also very upset by the comment by that “anonymous” hater. I really appreciated your personal story about your mother. I experienced an almost identical situation with both my mother and my grandmother, so it has really propelled me to make sure I put my health and fitness first and foremost. Loved listening, I’m a big fan 🙂

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