Jun 15

RBG 51: Barefoot Lifestyle Discussion With Barefoot Jaime

In Run Barefoot Girl podcast #51, I hash out questions about the barefoot lifestyle with Barefoot Jaime of Pennsylvania.

Barefoot Jaime doesn’t own a pair of shoes and has been bare for over 4 years. He’s a passionate advocate of the barefoot lifestyle, and he was possibly caught off guard when I responded with unkind words to a recent Facebook conversation he walked into. Listen to this podcast to hear about how I dealt with the situation and how we cleared the air between us.

You’ll find Barefoot Jaime on Facebook’s Barefoot In Public group!

Also, thanks to Gordon, a listener from the Isle of Tiree, I share about my passion for Laughter Yoga, in spite of not being a current practitioner of the method.

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  1. Jerry Gentry

    I really liked the interview. Instead of repeating myself, I’ll give you the link to my running blog. http://www.jlgrunr.com

    My view on barefoot and minimalism is outlined there. I love running. I have always loved running. My blog is about my transition to minimal style and what I am learning. It is not a log of my runs except as they help me make a point.

    I’d love to hear what you’ve been learning on your running barefoot so will be listening to your podcasts (you have a great voice) and reading the newsletter. Run free.


  2. Garry

    I do all gym and strength workouts barefoot. Makes a huge difference. Go for it. I didn’t ask permission.

    I have to admit I have guilt about barefooting all the time. I wear my flip flops to the farmers market.

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