Sep 21

Podcast Episode 64: BFR Jennifer Kosinchuk

Episode #64: September 21, 2012

Barefoot Runner Jennifer Kosinchuk (MissMoonMaker.com) shares her journey through healing emotional and sexual abuse. She chose grounding, artistic self-expression, introspection and… Barefoot Running!

Jennifer’s journey is very powerful, so I hope you forgive me for ranting about my very uninspirational perspective of late! Hint: TMI ALERT!!!! And ranting about a certain quote from a certain book about women and running. Hint: HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER ALERT!!!!

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Preston Curtis
Lone Gull 10K – 9/16/12
Jennifer’s gorgeous barefoot tshirts
Miss Moon Maker

-CLAIRE KOWALCHIK, from her book The Complete Book of Running for Women:

“Women’s wider pelvises, built so for childbearing, result in a greater Q-angle, or quadriceps angle, formed by the position of the outside of the hip relative to the knee. This can result in overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot during footstrike), which can lead to injuries, including knee problems, shinsplints, and stress fractures. Neither Q-angle nor overpronation detract from running performance, unless, of course, you become injured. Fortunately, most cases of overpronation can be corrected with proper shoes.” 



The strong human foot is designed to pronate naturally to absorb forces and load the spring.  See my post here

“Are women different with a foot not designed to do this?  I doubt it.  Most knee issues and internal rotation of upper leg is from hip weakness and failure to engage the glutes and abductors of the hip.  Landing with the foot closer to under the center of mass almost eliminates this problem if the hip is strong and stable.
“See the vidoes on our site under “strength and mobility” for assessments and corrections.
“So women do not need “motion control” any more than men do and, yes, women too are designed to run.


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