Sep 28

Review: MelEsq Designs Headbands

With apologies to barefoot running hairdressers, I’ve decided that salons waste my time and money and are elitist. The cuts I got at SuperCuts were usually blah, the cuts I got for $60 (plus tip) were moderately OK, and my kids cuts are always $15 – $25 at high-end salons (1/3 of my price for the same cut. WTF?). Not fair!

At my age, getting my hair cut is like trying on clothes. I’m forced to look at my aging face for 45 minutes, like that shock of surprise when I see my thighs in the dressing room mirror. I was perfectly happy in my essentially mirror-less, unlit house, thank you very much.

I never get a hair cut that fits my personality and my lifestyle. Can’t they see that I’m a busy hippy? I never even brush my hair, let alone style it. Give me a cut that actually Washes and Wears and I’d be a happy camper. Yes, I could take a razor to it (done that), but even that requires maintenance. You’re looking at the blog of a woman who doesn’t shave her legs (keeps me warm in the winter!) and shampoos with vinegar, for goodness sake.

I’ve given up hair cuts. Letting my hair grow has been touch and go, particularly since I haven’t been washing it with shampoo. I’m pretty sure I look crappy most of the time, but no one’s complained yet (including my husband and my boss).

As my hair grows, for the first time I’ve aware of it when I run. It flops around in a lovely kind of way, like I’m a surfer just come out of the ocean (little curls hanging into my eyes). I can’t put it all in a pony tail yet, and now that winter is nigh, I use a headlamp. Adding my headphones when I’m listening to podcasts (so my runs can be considered “research,”) I have a big mess of wires and straps on and around my face.

Between my growing hair and my menagerie of gear, I appreciate my latest running accessory: My MelEsqDesigns hairband. These Made In the USA by a Woman Who Is A Runner will be your best running partner if your goal is to keep your hair in place, away from your face.

If you choose one of the many gorgeous MelEsqDesigns fabric designs and order one or two or three, you’ll find friendly, prompt customer service. The headbands are handmade – no 12-year-old children in a factory were harmed in the design and manufacturing of this product – and you might initially be turned off by that. A woman sat at her sewing machine, installed the right color of string, cut the fabric, added the elastic and magic hold-in-place strip and sewed it. If you prefer clothing with perfectly, mathematically engineered sewing lines, this isn’t your product.

If you’re the kind of person who says, “I should just make that myself,” then you won’t like this product. But, by the way, these headbands cost $7.00. 7 DOLLARS! Do you really think the engineering involved in designing these is so easy that it would be worth it to spend your time designing them instead of just buying one (or two or three because it’s impossible to choose).

(And, yes, I call it engineering. Why is my husband called a Software Engineer, and Melanie is called a seamstress or designer? Education? My husband has a Sociology degree. They both design stuff. They’re engineers.)

The bottom line is these head bands will:

– Keep your hair back and in place.
– They will not move. Never. Ever.
– They are super cute.

They’re not just for running – my daughter wears them to ballet class and to school. You can buy them for just $7.00 plus shipping at Melanie’s Etsy Shop.

If you’re growing out your hair like me, or you just want to have a face clear of strands for running or everyday living, take a look at her beautiful designs.

Me after a 10-miler… headband in the same place when I started the run. Keeping my growing-out hair out of my sweaty face!


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