Nov 02

RBG 66 BF Running Author Ashish Mukharji

I’m so excited to welcome barefoot running author Ashish Mukharji for a conversation about running without shoes at any age, but particularly focused on runners over the age of 30.

Ashish’s informative, insightful and humorous book, Run Barefoot Run Healthy: Less Pain More Gain For Runners Over 30, is a must-read for new runners and seasoned barefoot runners alike!

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Ashish Mukharji Run Barefoot Run Healthy



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  1. Alice Keys

    Thanks for reading my email to you on your podcast #66. Hearing my words spoken in your lovely voice made me feel I had entered into a larger conversation about the important topic of foot freedom. I enjoy your laughing style. You sound like you’re having fun with this.

    I love the exploration of not only the health benefits of barefoot running but also of the wider and deeper social and cultural implications in this arena.

    I especially enjoyed Ashish’s attitude of being “for” things rather than “against” things. I have found that when I am “against” anything, it draws my focus and attention to the item I am against. My focused attention is the energy path that brings things into existence in my life. My focus in opposition ensures that those things remain in evidence around me.

    I noticed that Ashish’s book focuses on the “over thirty” barefoot runner. I would love to see and hear information for we, even older than “over thirty”, beginning barefoot runners. Beginning anew with barefoot running at 56 may be different than beginning at thirty, forty or fifty.

    What about 85? I recently read about a woman in France who became an attorney at the age of 84. What about older women, perhaps those with unfortunate foot changes from a lifetime of misguided foot wear? Is there hope for these to experience the healing that foot freedom can bring?

    Perhaps I’ve stepped off the cliff in my naked feet into the unknown.

    Thanks for the good work you do.

    I’m happy to hear any thoughts.

    All the best.
    Alice Keys

  2. Jan

    Speaking as a ‘post-50′ — & also ‘post-60′ — I think I can attest to the fact that starting anything after childhood is ‘different’ — and the extent of the difference will depend on one’s individual health, weight, flexibility, general activity & the amount of time spent sitting. Nothing is really ‘general’ with humans, except that we do get older as the years pass, & how we react is individual.

    As an example — I can sit very comfortably ‘Japanese-style’ on my feet — until it’s time to get up. Ouch!!!! And we recently put up a ‘hanging bar’ in our home – & oh, the pulling in my armpits & upper pecs. That was a surprise, but then again I probably haven’t done that movement since I was 11. I used to do handstands all the time until age 11 or 12. When I was 19 at university some of us decided to try doing one. I managed – but the pulling down my belly??? That was unexpected.

    So, coming to barefoot running. I started running, with shoes (of course) at age 45 & ran my first marathon the following year. I did 6 until severely injured in 2000 training for my 7th (vehicle on person). ! have done 2 since, plus a few halfs. I was fairly lucky regarding running injuries, though achilles tendonitis became my ‘achilles’ & did side-line me for a couple of years. I started into the barefoot realm (initially with Vibrams) about 3 years ago. I thought I started out carefully, but pulled a calf muscle on my 3rd run with Vibrams. Took about 2 months to fully heal. After that I started with the real Barefoot. That is ABSOLUTELY my most favorite way to run — BUT — my foot skin is still relatively thin & I can still only run about 2 miles in my n’hood (older concrete/asphalt) & about 6 miles on really sillky smooth concrete! So if I want to run further I do resort to Vibrams or huaraches. My huaraches need re-lacing – & as I had a complicated design, I’ve been deferring ….. for over a year! My enthusiasm for my huaraches had me building up my miles too fast a couple of years ago (up to 11) & I think I got a stress fracture in a meta tarsal. I never got it checked out – just paid attention, & monitored & moved carefully. I did manage a Half 4 months later.

    So, at this point I am a little behind in my running/training. I was doing well this year but then tweaked my back with other activities, & then got a bee sting under my big toe which prevented me running for about a month. All is fine but life is now getting in the way. Hmmmm, must make running part of my life again!

    As I pursue this, & also pay much attention to myself & others, & hear & see all the systems that purport to offer the ultimate secret to life & Everytthing (& as a Feldenkrais practitioner I do have my own biases too) — I also see the ‘realities’ of the human condition which has us clinging to our individuality, even if we are unaware of it. So I fully believe that we CAN change, can benefit from awareness & attention to ourselves, but that we can only change & take on new enterprises at our own pace – not someone else’s.

    So, what works for one person, may not work for another. We need to take in suggestions, see if we can apply them, find more & so on & so on ……

    Phew, hope this is of some help.

    1. caity

      Jan, belated thanks for your response and your insights!!!!!


  3. Alice Keys


    Thanks for the time and thought you put into your reply to my questions.

    I hope your insights are useful and one more woman takes a chance on removing her shoes.

    All the best.
    Alice Keys

  4. Chris

    Hi Caity
    I listen to lots of your podcasts and I always list my 5 favourite barefoot posts every week. I point people towards then every Friday. I had to put this one in at http://www.barefootbeginner.com/2012/11/23/pick-of-the-barefoot-posts-19-barefooting-is-good-for-young-and-old-alike/
    You are quite an interviewer.


    1. caity

      Chris, what a delight! Thank you so much for your acknowledgement and post!

      I’m really honored by your words about my interview style. Thank you.

      And thank you for the work you do for this amazing movement!


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