Nov 16

RBG 68 InkNBurn’s Megan Tsuyuki

InkNBurn fans are going to love this!

In this episode #68, I’m joined by Megan Tsuyuki, cofounder of InkNBurn athletic apparel, for a discussion on her incredible company. What sets InkNBurn clothing apart? What does it take to create this innovative, comfortable and beautiful active wear?

Fans of InkNBurn will love this insightful look at the company, and newcomers to the brand will be impressed with Megan’s philosophy. We also check in about veganism, one of my nearest, dearest topics!

New customers of InkNBurn will get 15% off of their order… listen to the top of the podcast for more information on this special offer!

I also introduce John McClung’s beautiful new children’s book What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run?, available on Amazon.com!

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