Nov 18

RBG 69 SKORA’s Kyle Kranz

I’m joined for episode 69 (yeah, it made me giggle inside, too) with a very special man from SKORA running shoes.

Kyle Kranz is the Social Media Coordinator at SKORA, and we talk about his job there, perspectives on minimalist shoes, his incredibly supportive wife (she inspired complete strangers to finish a 100-miler!), his transition from couch potato gamer dude to vegan ultra runner, his running coach Peyton Hoyal and how incredible my voice is. That last part was my favorite!

I also welcome Rae Heim into the real world again after she achieved the incredible status of being the youngest person to RUN ACROSS THE UNITED STATES and the only person to DO IT BAREFOOT. So, wait, that means she’s probably the only BAREFOOT RUNNING WOMAN to pull that off. Incredible!

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I read an email from Angela, who explained that she lives in a small mining town in Australia. I asked her to send me photos and here they are! Wow – her town does look very remote. I look forward to hearing how her running develops!


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