Jan 22

RBG 71: Barefoot Angie Bee Returns!

Angela Hotz, aka Angie Bishop – or Barefoot Angie Bee as you know her as – was part of the beginning of this podcast. Angie’s presence in episode 11 was inspirational to me and the development of this podcast… I thought, “I can talk to these women and they’re super cool!”

Barefoot Angie Bee Yoga

She’s back on the show, returning to talk about her journey learning lessons the hard way, lessons every woman – and athlete – will want to take note of. She also talks about life with her autistic son and her yoga practice. Don’t miss this insightful look at Angie, a barefoot running icon with a message for women that you can’t pass up.

Angie’s website: Barefoot Angie Bee

Janet Testaz wrote in with a Yay For Me and included her fundraising page:
Everyday Hero: Janet Testaz

– Find Episode #71 on iTunes
– or download the MP3
– or listen to it here:

Barefoot Angie Bee Yoga 02

– Find Episode #71 on iTunes
– or download the MP3
– or listen to it here:


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  1. Tina

    Another FABULOUS show, Caity! I loved every minute of it. ♥

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