Feb 27

RBG 77 Bob Nicol

I LOVE hearing stories of transformation! Overcoming adversity is incredibly cool. Fighting the power and winning – that’s my cup of tea.

But Bob Nicol told me about change that isn’t as dramatic as all that – but just as sacred and wonderful. He told me about how he transformed from an introvert to a barefoot guy who embraces the mountains, his bare feet and life.

Join me for a conversation with Bob about ultra running, writing for Canadian Runner Magazine, minimalist shoes in the winter, and his barefoot wife, Nicole.

There’s a reason this barefoot runner has fans! And there’s a reason he doesn’t know it. Find out about the lovely, unpretentious, strong as hell Bob Nicol.

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Bob Nicol


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  1. peter parvata

    Hi, being a middleaged swedish male living on a small island (28 square km) with great options for running
    but a short barefoot season I do have a couple of thoughts that I would like to share with you.
    @A great inspiration and company , the podcast that is, on my runs.
    @minimalist running ie merell trail gloves and vibram bikila is my major choice of shoes.
    @the transformation from minimalist to barefoot running takes time that much a understand , but with a short summerseason with a couple of races in the calendar 18k trail half marathon road 10k trail and 68k trail before end of season olympic distance triathlon in august. When is it time to only focus on barefoot running? winter running like in episod #77? I am in shortage of time is the best answer to paus the racing and focus on barefootrunning next season instead?

    thx for a inspiring podcast

    peter parvata on visingsö sweden

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