Mar 07

RBG 78 Christopher McDougall

Today I’m delighted to publish my interview with Christopher McDougall, the author of the bestselling book Born To Run. Friends of the show know that I’ve been… shall we say… anticipating this experience for a while.

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The focus of our conversation was on an upcoming foot race – the Born To Run Ultra Marathon – directed by Luis Escobar, who I interviewed in Episode 43. Luis is race director for several events, and you can sign up for any of them at AllWeDoIsRun.com, but I specifically hope this conversation with Chris McDougall encourages you to join us on May 18 in Los Olivos to enjoy Luis’ unique party that is the Born To Run Ultra Marathon.

Chris and I couldn’t talk about the event without venturing into a discussion of the Ultramaraton Caballo Blanco (the race featured in Chris’ book, created by Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco), the painful experience of Caballo Blanco’s death, and Maria Luisa Walton (Caballo Blanco’s girlfriend and honored guest in Episode 57) and her influence on Caballo’s work. So it’s all there in this interview, including our detailed analysis of who this Luis Escobar is, anyway.

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