Mar 15

RBG 79 Leigh Scarber Vegetarian Barefoot Runner

Dear Run Barefoot Girl podcast listener,

– I hope enjoy this episode #79, a very personal, insightful, informative interview with Leigh Scarber of VegetarianBarefootRunner.com

– I hope you use discount code “barefoot” when you buy EnergyBits to get a super awesome discount

– I hope you give me feedback on iTunes

– I hope you know I love you

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Leigh Scarberg, VegetarianBarefootRunner.com

Leigh Scarberg, VegetarianBarefootRunner.com


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  1. Podcast! Interview About Barefoot Running, Ectopic Pregnancy, Energy Bits, and Born to Run 50k! | vegetarianbarefootrunner

    […] A couple of weeks ago, I was so lucky to have an interview with Caity McCardell of http://www.runbarefootgirl.com.  She is the nicest person, and I can’t wait to meet her at the Born to Run 50k in May!  Speaking of Born to Run, Caity interviewed Christopher McDougall, the author of the famed book right before she interviewed me!  Needless to say, I was very flattered to be featured on Caity’s show.  She really has a way of drawing people in, and I get the idea that we will get along very well…  After all, we are going to be pushing each other in a wheelbarrow for the majority of the race we are attempting to run.  We talked about everything from running, to posture, to ectopic pregnancy, to Energy Bits and life in general.  Thanks for a great experience Caity!  Here is a direct link to the interview: Leigh’s Interview […]

  2. The Born to Run Ultra Marathon, Life, and Energy Bits | vegetarianbarefootrunner

    […] Christopher McDougall of Born to Run.  McDougall (who happened to be interviewed right before yours truly) reminded me of Michah True aka Caballo Blanco’s famous oath:  ”If I get hurt, lost or […]

  3. LOVE Wins! And Valley Crest Half Marathon Review with Energy Bits | vegetarianbarefootrunner

    […] and his crew.  I also met some new friends including one great guy named Jacobus that had heard my interview with Caity McCardell of http://www.runbarefootgirl.com.  I was so excited!  It feels great to be […]

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