Apr 05

RBG 81 USA Run for Youth Travel

The Run Barefoot Girl podcast today features Roselyn Frederick and Barefoot Jake Brown who recently embarked on a running journey across the United States to raise money for and awareness of the Youth Travel Fund.

As this profile makes clear, Roselyn is passionate about enabling young people to take on service travel, meaning travel that incorporates contribution to the environment, the culture, and the people of the place that young people visit.

I was honored to witness them leaving the West Coast of California last month, tracking them on their first jaunt through the countryside to their 10-mile mark. We sat in my car talking about their upcoming epic run, and I learned so much about the value of service travel and their motivation to take on this journey.

Big thanks go to Hopechild for the music accompanying this podcast episode. The lyrics are by Natalia Bortolotti, the music by Natalia and Stefan Podell.

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USA Run for Youth Travel Fund


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