Jun 22

RBG 90: Cesar Torres and The 12 Burning Wheels

In this episode I got to do two things I LOVE to do: talk to an inspiring, fascinating friend and record myself reading from his book. The two stories I read required more acting than I’m used to!

It’s episode #90 and Cesar Torres returns from The Laberynth podcast to talk about his book, The 12 Burning Wheels. (Get this fascinating book for free from now until July 20, 2013 when you visit his site, CesarTorres.net!)

He also talks about running – I love his perspective about experimentation – and about his upcoming book, The 13 Secret Cities.

And I read two stories called Tincture DRK-01 and The Scryer which can be found in The 12 Burning Wheels.

I’m feel so warm and honored to have been written up by Cesar on his post here on CesarTorres.net.

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– or listen to it here:

Cesar Torres and The 12 Burning Wheels

Cesar Torres and The 12 Burning Wheels


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