Jul 06

RBG 94: Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan

My guest in episode #94 is ultra runner and adventurer, Molly Sheridan. When she first started running at the age of 48, Molly was exhausted after a mile. “When does the fun start?” she would ask her running friends.

Now Molly is the only American woman to complete The Ultra-The High, a 138-mile nonstop footrace in the Himilayas and she has completed numerous ultra marathons, including the infamous Badwater race. She is also the owner of Desert Sky Adventures, a race management company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You must not miss the video about her Badwater race at JustinUrkanin.com.

Molly’s website: Molly Sheridan Runs!

We spoke briefly about Molly’s husband, Bill, who is a world-renounced scientist. His company’s information is Sierra Sciences.

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Molly Sheridan at Badwater in 2009

Molly Sheridan at Badwater in 2009

Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan landing at a significant marker at Badwater in 2009.

Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan landing at a significant marker at Badwater in 2009.

Molly Sheridan and two of her support crew at Badwater in 2009.

Molly Sheridan and two of her support crew at Badwater in 2009.


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  1. Christine

    Thank you for your Podcasts! I have been listening to them for a year or so and I enjoy them so much! I especially am inspired by this one with Molly. I’m very close to her age, started running 3 years ago. I was a running HATER! Thought it was miserable. Then my husband and I signed up for a half marathon, I had to run at least a little bit to make it through. While I was searching for the perfect running shoe, I stumbled upon this concept of barefoot/minimalist running. So, I took off my Avia’s and ran on the treadmill in socks! I didn’t hate it. Next, I took off my running shoes and wore just socks for the last part of my run. Really liked how that felt. Never just went barefoot because I thought that was too gross. Got some Five Fingers. Loved them and ran in them only. Completed the half marathon in the Five Fingers. Really got into minimalist shoes exclusively. I wanted to have strong feet and felt the arches in regular shoes made them weak. I was enjoying running, and one day I decided to take off the five fingers at the end of my run. I really wanted to feel the ground. That was my favorite part of the run! I didn’t know what I had been missing! I actually ran my first barefoot half last year, and it was the most fun half I had ever done. Last year I also completed my first marathon. No, not barefoot,VFF’S. Really a great experience! There’s just something about distance that I enjoy. Which brings me back to Molly. Ultra marathoner. My age. Cool! Maybe I can do it too. Sorry for the rambling, I really want to thank you for your enthusiasm with all things running. I have found your podcasts so motivating for a new runner like myself. Keep up the awesome work!

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