Nov 13

Skora Footwear Giveaway Winner!

skora 11-2013-sm

Congratulations to Nicholas Krueger for entering the Run Barefoot Girl / Skora running shoe contest. He won a brand new pair of Skora footwear that will keep his feet nice and warm this winter.

Enjoy the shoes, Nicholas!

Stay tuned for more giveaways from the Run Barefoot Girl podcast!



Nov 11

RBG 101 Ultra Runner Crista Scott


This episode is sponsored by Skora footwear. You can enter to win a free pair of Skora footwear on our Skora Giveaway page until November 14, 2013.

After a pause in publication, Caity returns with Crista Scott, ultra runner, researcher and the author of a thesis entitled “The Unique Benefits of Ultra Running: The Impact of Distance and Nature on Flow and Well-being.” Crista is the influence behind Ultra Health and Wellness on Facebook – a monthly fitness challenge – and a website called Plant Meets Paleo (recipes and inspiration both vegans and paleos will appreciate).

Crista’s passion for the sport shines in this conversation!

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Crista Scott finishing her 50k at Born To Run ultra marathons in 2013, being given her award by Jake "The Skirt Guy."

Crista Scott finishing her 50k at Born To Run ultra marathons in 2013, being given her award by Jake “The Skirt Guy.”


Sep 11

RBG 100: Barefoot TJ of Barefoot Runners Society

Celebrating the new century!

Barefoot TJ, president of Barefoot Runners Society, joins me for the 100th episode of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast.

What a perfect guest for the 100th episode. She’s a woman who has worked tirelessly to support barefoot runners, provide them with information and guidance, and encourage them to take off their shoes and connect with the earth. I truly loved this conversation – TJ is lighthearted, interesting, thoughtful and passionate!

Listen to the 100th episode of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast to learn about Barefoot TJ’s journey co-founding The BRS, her joyful path, her painful injury, the challenges she’s overcome and the exciting work she’s up to.

[email protected]

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Zola and TJ


Aug 30

RBG 99: Report on The Woodstock Fruit Festival

I’m back!

I was on vacation for two weeks with my family in upstate New York, attending a life-changing event: The Woodstock Fruit Festival.

So I sat around eating cherry pies and strawberry ice cream for a week? Not exactly. The festival celebrates the raw food movement, specifically the 80/10/10 lifestyle. Want to know more? Listen to my report on what this informative, athletic, raw week involved.

Bonus silliness: Which city landmark do I mistakenly claim to have visited in New York?

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Links from this episode:
My new friend, Raw Food Levi
The Banana Girl
Health 101 – including dental information
Doctor Sam

Here’s a video of the festival’s founder on CNN:


Aug 29

A Video of Barefoot Ultra Runner Sean Sanchez

On August 10th, I volunteered at an ultra race – the fabulous Pacific Coast Trail Runs’ Montana de Oro ultra. It was beautiful, supportive, happy – and the race was very challenging according to the runners I heard from. It was great to help feed the runners! Stefan and I even cooked food for them.

And I noticed a barefoot runner in the 25k race! Here’s the amazing Sean Sanchez and his feet that served him very well on this challenging course!

And here is a photo of Sean’s foot after the 25k (after he cleaned them). He says, “I thought I’d share some pics of what running 15 miles on pokey-rocky trails does to well prepared feet. Since I’ve been barefoot for 3 years, these callouses are solid, and it hardly looks like I punished these soles yesterday. Oh, and the blister under my big toe was from picking up sap on a run a few weeks ago, and all the trails did yesterday was take the dead skin off. Not a scratch, not a cut, just stronger than ever arches and pads in the making.”

Sean Sanchez's clean bare foot after his 25k on August 10, 2013

Sean Sanchez’s clean bare foot after his 25k on August 10, 2013


Aug 13

RBG 98: Michael Sandler’s New Journey

Fans of RunBare’s Michael Sandler were shocked to learn that in May he suffered yet another life-threatening injury and is in recovery in Hawaii. Remarkably, in spite of facing unimaginable physical challenges, Michael remains upbeat and positive, speaking candidly with Caity in this episode about his accident and his journey.

Michael and his wife, Jessica, have contributed immeasurably to the barefoot running movement, including talks, workshops, media attention to the benefits of connecting with the earth and their book and unforgettable film Barefoot Running: How To Run Light and Free By Getting In Touch With The Earth. They also have a new book, Barefoot Walking: Free Your Feet to Minimize Impact and Maximize Efficiency.

They have established a fundraising page on IndieGoGo to raise money for Michael’s injury recovery and to help them both share their message with the world.

This episode of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast is sponsored by Sue Kenney’s Bare Bottom Shoes.

- Find Episode #98 on iTunes or RSS Feed
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- or listen to it here:

RunBare_Barefoot Running_DVD_new front cover_0


Aug 07

RBG 97 Christian Peterson on CrossFit and Barefoot Running

He’s back!!!!!

I got some time with Christian Peterson today – the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy.

We talk about how his perspective on barefoot running has shifted since the New York City Barefoot Run, his creative workouts, CrossFit, ultras, and balancing work/family/fitness.

I managed to get through the interview without objectifying him. And boy was he pissed!

- Find Episode #97 on iTunes or RSS Feed
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- or listen to it here:

Influential people we talked about:

- Vanessa Runs
- Jason Robillard
- Mark’s Daily Apple
- Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell
- David Tate
- Rich Froning

The big question: does he have shoes on????

Christian Peterson


Jul 26

RBG 96: Run Strong Run Free

In this episode of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast, I read chapters 6 and 7 of the book Run Strong Run Free: An Introduction to the Science and Art of Barefoot Running by Anna Toombs and David Robinson. The sections of the book are about Technique and Transitioning – great for beginner barefoot runners!

- Find Episode #96 on iTunes or RSS Feed
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- or listen to it here:

Anna Toombs and David Robinson


Jul 18

RBG 95: Plantar Fasciitis with Caity

It’s my birthday and I’ll rant if I want to, rant if I want to, rant if I want to! You would rant, too, if plantar fasciitis happened to you.

Today I’m talking to myself and YOU about plantar fasciitis, barefoot running, the barefoot movement and veganism. For over an hour.

- Find Episode #95 on iTunes or RSS Feed
- right-click to download the MP3
- or listen to it here:

Links from this episode:

Trigger Point Therapy is so awesome. I highly recommend it for any athlete, injured or not.

Rick Merriam – Engaging Muscles – pro-barefoot perspective, holistic approach.

The Sock Doc’s philosophy works very well for me:

Correct Toes – their position on plantar fasciitis is worth exploring

Wishing you all health and happiness!


Jul 06

RBG 94: Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan

My guest in episode #94 is ultra runner and adventurer, Molly Sheridan. When she first started running at the age of 48, Molly was exhausted after a mile. “When does the fun start?” she would ask her running friends.

Now Molly is the only American woman to complete The Ultra-The High, a 138-mile nonstop footrace in the Himilayas and she has completed numerous ultra marathons, including the infamous Badwater race. She is also the owner of Desert Sky Adventures, a race management company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You must not miss the video about her Badwater race at

Molly’s website: Molly Sheridan Runs!

We spoke briefly about Molly’s husband, Bill, who is a world-renounced scientist. His company’s information is Sierra Sciences.

- Find Episode #94 on iTunes or RSS Feed
- right-click to download the MP3
- or listen to it here:

Molly Sheridan at Badwater in 2009

Molly Sheridan at Badwater in 2009

Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan landing at a significant marker at Badwater in 2009.

Ultra Runner Molly Sheridan landing at a significant marker at Badwater in 2009.

Molly Sheridan and two of her support crew at Badwater in 2009.

Molly Sheridan and two of her support crew at Badwater in 2009.


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